library RULES

general rules for the students

1. Every student must bring Library Reference Card to enter the Library and Library Lending Card to borrow the Books to home.

2. Baggage should be kept at the baggage counter and token of the property is issued.

3. In case of loss of token, respective student can be penalised.

4. Only books, exercise books, pens and gadgets (Mobile, Tab & Laptop) are allowed inside the library.

5. Please maintain silence inside the college library.

6. Speaking in the Mobile phone is restricted inside the library. Students are allowed to use the mobile phone only for reading and photocopying.

7. Taking Selfie, video-calling, video-conferencing is strictly prohibited inside the library.

8. After entering signature in the daily attendance register is mandatory for all users mentioning arrival time and departure time.

9. Tampering with the Books, Journals, Newspaper, Catalogue Cards, Notices, Computers, Furniture, Library Instructions and any kind of library properties is strictly prohibited and the consequences will be proper punishment.

10.  Underlying, marking, folding of pages etc. in the books, journals, magazines and newspapers is strictly prohibited.

11. No other work except reading, writing and searching materials through both online and offline would be allowed in the reading room.

12. For issuance of books students must come to the library personally with his/ her library cards.

13. No one is allowed to issue and return books on behalf of any other students.

14. Library card is not transferable.

15. All the rules and regulations of the college library is maintained and updated time to time by the competent Library Authority.

16. The students /users can convey their grievance regarding any issue related to the library, verbally or in written to the Librarian or any Library Staff. If the issues are not solved properly students may move to the Grievance Redressal Committee of the College.

rules for library membership

1.  Every student of the college should apply for Library Membership Card through online membership application

2. For online application students must enter their true and accurate data otherwise verification of the members cannot be processed.   

3.  For online application students must furnish their own mobile number, own e-mail id and their own coloured digital/digitized photograph (within 50KB).

4.  After Online Application every student must submit two coloured photographs along with Admission Receipt to the library.

5.  Membership Cards are distributed over the time according to their Roll No. serially.

6. In case of loss of Library Membership Cards, written application to the librarian may be accepted for re-issue of Library Membership Cards.

7. The Central Library of the college use Two Card system for Circulation – Library Reference Card for Reading Room use on daily basis; and Library Lending Card for borrowing of books to the home. 

rules for the reading room

1. The timings of Library Reading Room are as follows-


2. Students can take one book at a time from the library to read in the reading room at any time from 10.30 am to 4.30 pm.

3. To get a book, students ask their requirements to the library staff at any point of time in the library.

4. To take the desired book, syllabus, magazine, and journal, students must submit their Library Reference Card at the library issue counter and sign the against the particular reading material.

5. After reading, students must return the book and take their Library Reference Card or may ask for another book.

6. By any other means and in no way, the material taken for the Library Reading Room use can get outside the Library Hall. In such case, the membership of the student is withheld.

7. The librarian reserves the right to suspend membership of any member found behaving in an indecent manner.

rules for library lending (for students)

1. The timing of Library Lending Service are as follows-

Monday – Friday : Submission of requisition for lending     10.30 am – 1.00 pm 

Book lending time 2.30 pm – 4.30 pm

Saturday : NO LENDING

Sunday & Holidays   :     CLOSED

2. A student must submit his/her Library Lending Card to borrow the books from the library.

3. All the books must return within 14 days of the issuance with a provision of renewal for 1 week.

4. An Honours Course student gets or borrows maximum 4 books at a time for a period of 14 days with a provision of renewal for 1 week.

5. A Programme Course student gets or borrows maximum 2 books at a time for a period of 14 days with a provision of renewal for 1 week.

6. All the students of Final Semester must return their books within stipulated time otherwise a Library Defaulters’ List shall be prepared and the particular students are barred from examination form fill-up.

7. Tampering with the borrowed books is strictly prohibited and the consequences will be proper punishment.

Rules for the Teachers & Non-teaching Staffs 

1. Substantive Teachers’ Lending Rule: For each Substantive teacher including the Principal and the Librarian of the College, a Lending Register is maintained. A maximum of 20 books have been assigned to each teacher for a period of 30 days, after that 1 week of renewal facility.


2. SACT Teachers’ Lending Rule: For each SACT teacher a separate Lending Register is maintained. A maximum of 8 books have been assigned to each teacher for a period of 30 days, after that 1 week of renewal facility.


3. Guest Teachers’ Lending Rule: For each Guest/Contractual Teacher the Lending Register of SACT Teachers is used and maintained. A maximum of 5 books have been assigned to each teacher for a period of 90 days, after that 1 week of renewal facility.


4. A full-timed non-teaching staff can borrow a maximum of 5 books for a period of 90 days.


5. A casual non-teaching staff can borrow a maximum of 3 books for a period of 90 days.


6. If any book borrowed by any category of teaching and non-teaching staff is lost, the concerned person must convey the fact immediately to the Librarian. The library will incur the lost fine and the amount to be paid by the borrower.


7. For photocopying of books and journals by the employees of the institution, the library levies a cost of Rs. 2 per page.


8. The library is transforming its activities from manual to computerized. Therefore, the library cards for all employees are going to be prepared through Koha ILMS and future transaction of books only be done through online instead of maintaining manual lending registers.

rules for departmental library

1. The provision for departmental library tends to restructure the college library as The Central Library.

2. The department wishes to build the departmental library can borrow books from the Central Library and develops its collection.

3. A maximum of 50 Books from the existing titles of a subject is allowed to move from the Central Library to the Departmental Library.

4. Departmental Library can enhance its collection by keeping the Specimen Copies of books from the different publishers.

5. The Departmental In-charge of a concerned department submits an application through The Principal requesting the specific titles on the specified subject.

6. A single copy of a title consisting of minimum 5 copies is allowed to provide to the department. If the copies of a particular title are found short or 1 or 2, that particular copy cannot be allowed for the departmental Library.

7. The concerned Departmental In-charge must maintain a register for departmental library transactions.

8. In no circumstances the books from DL are allowed for lending or borrowing to the home by the students. All books must be issued and returned for same day.

9. The books for DL are the sole responsibility of the Departmental In-charge (D.I.) to keep them safe.

rules for photocopying in the library

1. The library reserves and protects the copyright of a book at the same time fosters the fair use of educational materials to copy for educational purpose.

2. A student can photocopy any book within a limit of maximum 30 pages or a single chapter at a time.

3. Overall, 10% of a book is allowed for photocopying.

4. The book goes for photocopying shall not be re-using for photocopying for the next 1 month.

5. The cost of photocopying in the library is Rs.1 for A4 size paper (Two sided).

6. A student can photocopy any journal and magazine within a limit of maximum a single article at a time.

7. Students need to come earlier and mention the pages for photocopying. Library staff estimates the cost of photocopying and provides the students slips. After 1 or 2 working days or on the same day (depend on the work pressure), library provides the photocopy and the students need to sign the photocopy register.

rules for using compters and internet

1. The computers in the library are provided only for the searching of the library collection through Library Web-OPAC and searching, reading, downloading and sharing through email only the Higher Education E-Resources, N-LIST and other open access e-resources for strictly education and study purpose.

2. Students are allowed to visit the College Library Website, College Website, University Website, UGC website, Higher Education websites etc.

3. Students are not allowed to download any software, applications and/or any malicious executable files in the desktops.

4. Students are not allowed insert pen drives, external hard drives, CD/DVD ROMs, USB cable in the desktops.

5. Students are not allowed to connect their mobiles with the computers via USB cable, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Nearby Sharing, Hotspot Tethering.

6. Students are not allowed to conduct any assignment and/or project work using library computers without proper permission from the Library Authority.